Thursday, 30 December 2010

TRONIC Press Release for January 28th - 5th Birthday Party

TRONIC is now 5 years old. We have showcased artists from across Scotland, not only that, we have made some lifetime friends along the way and to thank you all for making TRONIC so amazing, we are hosting our 5th birthday party with 3 of our favourite underground acts of the moment. We will be back where it all began, The 13th Note with -


January 28th 2011
The 13th Note
Entry - £5

Capitals is the new project from Araya (Benbecula Records) and lead singer of Cinematics, Angus Carbarns. Touted on Radio 1 by Vic Galloway and recieving top live reviews for their recent live performances, this duo are the hottest and newest electronica project to come out of Scotland in 2010 and are set to become a touor de force in 2011.

Megamegaman is the brainchild from Chris Stevens, Glasgow based producer also responsible for the Heartbeats Collective, a collection of Glasgow electronica producers releasing free music under Heartbeat compilations. He has worked closely with Spectra (formerly known as Spectrum) and has supported some top acts over 2010. His style is a mix of balls to the wall techno with chiptune esq melodies and massive basslines.

Kvetch is the side project from Sean Gillespie of Integra TV. This will be his first full outing as Kvetch. Sean has kep this project under wraps for a very long time and even at this stage we are still unsure what to expect. we have listened to snippets of his latest work behind the scenes and we can tell you it is very good. How he will do this live just makes it all the more exciting. Please contact Integra TV if you want more info on Kvetch.

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