Wednesday, 30 March 2011

TRONIC - April 8th @ Brunswick, Basura Blanca

TRONIC on April 8th is almost upon us. Here is a quick run down on what you lovely folk will be getting on the night.

i am blip
B-Tone (Guest DJ)

Doors 9pm
Basura Blanca @ Brunswick Hotel, Merchant City
Entry £5

Check out sounds from the artist below

PROMO: 08.04.11 - TRONIC @ Basura Blanca, GLASGOW

Thursday, 24 March 2011

▶ Shamanic Technology - Shake A Tail Feather by Shamanic Technology

Shamanic Technology - Shake A Tail Feather by Shamanic Technology

Pretty awesome track from Shamanic Technologies. Signed to Herb Recordings, this artist is amazing at what he does. Look out for Herb artist appearing at TRONIC in the near future.

Monday, 21 March 2011

TRONIC - April 8th - Sounds of the night

Check out the sounds we have for you on April 8th.

PROMO: 08.04.11 - TRONIC @ Basura Blanca, GLASGOW

Check out latest Compilation from Edinburgh Label Ideation - Rubbernation

Ideation has just put out this absolutely brilliant compilation of Dubstep / Downtempo / IDM and DnB entitled - Rubbernation.

It features work from artists that we have showcased in the past, Gavin Hislop being one such name. however their where many new and exciting acts for us to discover on this compilation. It is an astounding listen and given the fact that it is free, just makes it even more brilliant.

As we said, the download is free but we do encourage you donate to the label if you like the compilation.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

New track from Mrs Jynx

Mrs Jynx is a good friend of ours. Lovely lass and all round genius in the music department. This new track is no exception. Brilliant Colab with iAM9. Check it out

Wallow (iAM9 & Mrs Jynx) by Mrs Jynx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Next TRONIC on April 8th

We have an absolute blinding line up for our April event down at Basura Blanca. Please see our previous blog post for all the details

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Top quality glitch from Mitoma

Scottish based and signed to Section 27, these guys are craftsmen of their art.

Here are the links - free / pay what you feel is right

This is a very intricate album of intense glitch and beautiful ambience. The production is spot on and the tracks exude a darkness and jagged nature, yet still they manage to splice in warm soundscapes and tie it all together masterfully.

Monday, 7 March 2011


Our very own Binary Zero on this compilation alongside a bunch of folk that we are now working with and respect greatly for their efforts in pushing the electronic scene here in Scotland. Big up to Heartbeats from the whole TRONIC crew.

Free download released March 2011

Heartbeats 3: Beastiality; welcome to our ark, where the animals go by 4 to
 floor.This is our biggest and best compilation to date, and you get to 
download it all right here for free. Many thanks to all the artists and everyone
that helped us out along the way, stay tuned for volume 4.

Download links
Mirror 1 Zshare
Mirror 2 Hotfile

01. Megami - Komodo Dragon
02. Kvetch - The Sloth
03. Peace - Honey Bee
04. Barrientos - Frog (El Sapo)
05. Dirty Basement - Ferret
06. Bodymilk - Dolphin
07. Megamegaman - Horse
08. Kid Robotik - Jellyfish
09. Ohmega Sir - LION
10. B.Tone - RAT
11. Kabur - Orca
12. Binary Zero - The Snake
13. Esq - Elephant
14. Rob Etherson - Snail Speed

Friday, 4 March 2011

TRONIC - April 8th @ Brunswick, Basura Blanca

Basura Blanca @ Brunswick
April 8th
Doors 9pm - 2am
Entry £5

Techno flows through Glasgow’s club and venue arteries, as the city’s heart beats for music. Tronic live and breathe for those new found electronic sounds and in our next gig we bring together some of Glasgow’s finest techno and electronic producers.


Techno with a dark edge, innovative, minimal yet warm. Clich├ęd annotations, but entirely merited ones none the less. Voltergeist (aka Shaun Dowse) knows the Scottish electronic scene more than most, running his own label, Microrave Records and from successes through his previous project Emotiqoun.

Voltergeist has forged a name for himself as a first class producer of dark minimal techno. Not only this, he also has several high profile remixes to his name recently. The most notable being the excellent "Cut By The Brakes" by Grand National. Radio 1 DJs have given air play to his work and the man has even had interest from the likes of Ministry. More recent activity saw Shaun as a chief organiser in pulling the Glasgow Sound Cloud community together as part of International Sound Cloud meet up day.

“Microrave records CEO Voltergeist continues to be one of our favourite producers”
Little Rock Records

Headlining on the night, this will be a set you will want to be present for, so get your techno hats on and get on that dance floor folks, cause he aint letting up.

I am Blip

Blip boy, now man, but with the heart of an 808 drum machine.
The techno Trojan returns to the scene where it all started five years ago and now with a reputation as one of the best live acts in the country.

A short break from the live scene and now set again to explode back into action for the Tronic crew. The man knows no boundaries when it comes to filthy fat relentless naughtiness.

Pure sounding in his creativity and productions skills when it comes to electro and techno there have been some big nights in the past for I am Blip. Playing along-side Sebastian Leger, Si Begg, DMX Crew and Alex Smoke to name but a few.

Running his own meaty club night (BEEF) he’s no butcher when it comes to cutting up his sets, free flowing and seamless in amongst the sweaty raised fists, see you down the front!


A young yet extremely talented Glasgow producer, ESQ (aka Greg Peebles) is a master of the electro / techno genre. He is a major player within the Heartbeats Collective and also a regular DJ for the Spectra nights in Blackfriars.

Playing a live set for us down at TRONIC this month, ESQ will be filling our ears with the sounds of some top electro with an ESQ twist. Watch out for his track "Elephant" to be released on the next up and coming Heartbeats compilation which as always will be a ‘free to download album’ featuring some of the best producers Glasgow has to offer.

ESQ is one of those rare finds, effortless in his production and playing out club sets. When you know it all just fits together. You have to be down for this set when it goes off, as there are more than a few of us that reckon he will make it huge.


Think little fluffy sound clouds and add some very intelligent dance music and you’ll start to get the effect from this Glasgow based producer, who has recently caught our attention.

Mixing ambient sounds with guitar and beautifully crafted samples, this producer promises to take us on a journey of wonder and carefree. Get-Effect will be showing us all the beauty to be found within electronica music.

A Tronic debutant, warmly welcomed into the community, will be kicking off the night so get down early for the full effect.


Our guest DJ comes courtesy of the Spectra crew. Spectra now one of Glasgow’s favourite club nights that fuse top DJs and local artists, strengthening the electronic collective and community in the progress. B-Tone is one of the main organisers of the night and a product of the fizzing scene in Glasgow right now.

Regularly taking up a spot at his own night you can catch B-Tone at his monthly residence at Spectra. He is also involved in the Heartbeats Collective releasing his own creations. With an eclective taste ranging from ambient electronica right through to some pounding dirty electro, expect to be taken on a journey through the world of electronica, getting you all warm and fuzzy and in the mood for the live acts on the bill.

Those craving techno and with the highest of electronic musical needs, this is a night to satisfy. Innovative sounds added with visual art supplied by live VJ on the night Euan Mackenzie.